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Oil Mist Elimination

Oil Mist Elimination Systems

DUSCON Oil Mist Eliminator is designed for removing emulsion (oil) and fine dust particles from the fumes in particularly heavy-duty work conditions, using the principle of coalescence and high efficiency filtration. 

The fumes coming from the process pass initially through the multilayer flat panel filters with low velocity, where the coalescence process takes place. By crossing the increasingly thick layers of filtering material, the microparticles of the pollutants are agglomerated, reaching macroscopic dimensions.

Differently from traditional static filters, the coalescence filter does not work exclusively based on clogging, as the particles reach a weight that causes them to fall down by gravity into the collecting tank, significantly increasing the useful life of the filter.

Once the first filter row has been crossed, the air flow goes to the next row at a lower enough speed to avoid dragging the finest particles. To ensure a higher level of purification, usually, there is foreseen the installation of an additional absolute filtration stage, with Efficiency Class M6.

Captured oil/emulsion is drained through a piping network into the bottom of filter casing and then to outside under the filter housing.


Applications for this type of filtration are heavy duty steel production and mechanical processing.


Oil mist eliminators multi-stage coalescing metal filters pads housings type

  • with or without manual / automatic spray cleaning system

Coalescing Candles 

  • with or without manual / automatic spray cleaning system

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