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Bulk Materials Transport and Storage

Bulk Materials and Dust Transport & Storage 

There are numerous types of equipment used at processing operations to transfer material from one location to another. The material being transferred can range from raw unprocessed ore to fully processed, finished product. The material being transferred can be also ash or dust coming from any dedusting & gas treatment system. 

Each material transfer methodology has its own strengths and weaknesses. Proper selection of the correct type of equipment is a function of the specific application, taking into account the material to be transferred, transfer distance, and nature of the transfer (i.e. horizontal, vertical, incline or decline).


DUSCON designs and manufactures a variety of dust handling and storage components & systems. Indeed, DUSCON offers products and systems not only for complete air pollution control range systems, but also for the handling from raw unprocessed ore to fully processed, finished product.

Dust Mechanical Transport Systems

DUST mcanica

Bulk Materials & Dust Pneumatic Transport Systems

  • high pressure pneumatic transport

  • low pressure pneumatic transport

bulk atral pneumatic

Centralized Pneumatic Cleaning Systems


Bag Breakers

bg break

Bulk Materials & Dust Storage Systems

bulk matra toag
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