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Dusty Fumes Control

Textile Filters

Textile filters are the most important typology of dry filtration technology. 

Our tailor-made approach for all the range of these type of filters gives the possibility to cover main important applications and main process condition for almost all industries.

The most important characteristic of our textile filters is the high filtration efficiency, up to 99,99 %, filtering even the smallest particulate dimensions as micropollutants (PM) or ultra-fine particulates.     


In accordance with the application & process conditions, our textile filters can be designed and manufactured to:

  • to filter high range of gas (fumes) flowrates;

  • to work with high range of dust loads;

  • to operate in high range of gas/fumes temperatures (≤ 250°C);

  • to resist to aggressive conditions, due to acid, SOx & Cl contents gases;

  • to minimize the pressure drops.      

Textile Filters

Pulse-Jet Self Cleaning Bag

With on-line or with off-line cleaning and isolable compartments too (both completely both partially isolable

compartments, with or without integrated pre-collecting chamber) 

Self-Cleaning Bag with Filters

With isolable compartments with air reverse cleaning 


Pulse-Jet Self Cleaning Horizontal or Vertical Cartridge Filters 

With up-flow and with down-flow direction 

Static Filter Housing

With all the type of disposable filter elements (panels, plissed type, multi-pockets and cartridges) 

Pulse-Jet Filters

ATEX certified execution and designed to treat explosive dust

Pulse-Jet Filters

"Bunker" type

Cyclones & Multi-Cyclones 

Cyclones & Multi-Cyclones are used in various industrial applications, usually, to collect the particles with a diameter greater than 10 microns. 

The efficiency of removal of dust particles in these equipment varies generally from 70 to 95%. 

There are also high-efficiency cyclones, which are characterized by a very fast internal flow, able to achieve high efficiency more than 95%). 

Multi-cyclone arrangements are possible in order to collect high gas flow.

Cyclones can be used for various applications: as dust pre-separatorsspark arrestors or to enhance flue gas treatment

Our tailor-made approach for all the range of cyclones gives the possibility to cover main important applications and main process condition for almost all industries.


Vertical and Horizontal Cyclones


High Efficiency Cyclones/Multi-Cyclones

Vertical or Horizontal Spark Arrestor Cyclones

Pre-Separator Housings, Spark Arrestors, Diverters

These equipment, sometimes as an alternative of cyclones & multicyclones, are dust pre-separation devices that protect the more efficient filtration device (often a textile filter) from possible abrasion and sparks, increasing the lifetime of the main filtration device. These equipment are usually foreseen in dedusting systems of furnaces, for example, in the steel and non-ferrous material industry, in foundry, etc.



Pre-Separator Housings, Spark Arrestors, Diverters

Wet Dust Collectors

In many industrial installations, wet process dust control is the most effective method of recovery; particularly, where dust is not extremely fine and where fire or explosion is a hazard or where is desirable to recover or recycle the material in solution or slurry form.

In addition to their use for dust control, scrubbers (wet dust collectors) are also used effectively in gas absorption, condensation of solvents and in other chemical reactions.  

In accordance with the process conditions, dust typology & dimensions and efficiency requested, there are many kinds of wet dust collectors (scrubbers) and DUSCON can supply most of them, as below indicated:


  • Multivane Scrubbers;

  • Venturi Scrubbers;

  • Rod-venturi Scrubbers;

  • Dynamic Scrubbers UW3 & UW4. 


Our tailor-made approach for all the range of Wet Dust Collectors gives the possibility to cover main important applications and main process condition for almost all industries.


Venturi Scrubbers

With separate or integrated internal Venturi

Multi-Venturi Scrubbers

Idrostatic and Idrodynamic Wet Dust Collectors

Suction Hoods

The presence of dust and gas inside the workplace spaces has always been a major problem for workers’ health. 

DUSCON has developed and supplied suction systems which help eliminating these substances and improve workplace health and hygiene conditions, reducing the concentration of pollutants in these areas.


One of the most important components of any suction system is the hood.

The right technical choice of hood typology and the right calculation of hood configuration & dimension are the most important parameters to have a good pollutant capturing capacity of any suction system.

Hoods are calculated and sized in accordance with the technical and dimensional requirements of each workplace or pollution emission zone.

The chosen systems can provide fixed or mobile hoods, which can reach a pollution capturing efficiency which would be impossible to obtain through traditional fixed systems. 

Suction hoods can be in stand-alone configurations or can be incorporated and part of the main machines/devices where the pollutant is created. In this second configuration and in the most of cases, our hoods are in tailor-made execution and, obviously, designed, always, in close cooperation with manufacturers of above-mentioned machines/devices.  


Our tailor-made approach for all the typologies and configurations of Suction Hoods gives the possibility to cover main important applications and main process condition for almost all industries.


Simple, Partialized / Compartmented or with Counter-Hood

Fixed, Movable or Rotating Execution

Canopy Hoods

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