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Flue Gas Conditioning

Heat Exchangers

Based on its multi-years experience for these types of equipment, DUSCON can design and manufacture all types and configurations of heat exchangers.

Supported by internal R&D, DUSCON is able to design and supply modern heat exchanger technology that minimizes pressure losses, while maximizing heat transfer and meeting other design goals like withstanding high fluid pressures, resisting fouling and corrosion, allowing cleaning and repairs, reducing power consumption and fitting in the available space, supplying always equipment in tailor-made execution.


Natural Air / Fumes Heat Exchangers

Forced Air / Fumes Heat Exchangers

  • pipes or pocket execution,

  • plates esecution ‘Mass-Cooler type 

Forced Fluid/Fumes Heat Exchangers

  • fumes/water pipe type

  • thermal oil type

Cooling Ducts

Water-cooled ducts represent an integral part of high temperature off-gas systems, especially in metallurgical processes, reducing the temperature of the off-gas (flue gas) as it passes through. Typically, off-gas enters these ducts at significantly elevated temperatures; therefore, water cooling may be required to maintain the duct skin temperature within allowable design limits. 

These ducts may have complex geometry and experience a wide range of loading, including gravity loads, water and gas pressures, cyclic thermal loading and dynamic impact forces. 

In the above conditions, predicting heat-flux rates, water temperature rise and external channelling designs requires experience.


DUSCON offers unmatched expertise in the design and supplying of water-cooled gas handling equipment including water-cooled dampers, ducting, and the associated water-cooling components.

Cooling Ducts

Conditioning / Cooling Towers

  • Casting Cooling Box with air recirculation

Cooling Ducts

  • Pipe-to-pipe water cooled ducts

  • Water jacket ducts

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