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In Milan since 1928

Quality and technology for almost a century



DUSCON is the the historical Plant Division of Aeromeccanica Stranich, focused on the control of gaseous and dust pollutants, with a role of excellence in the pollution control field.


Through its long experience and advanced technology and know-how, along with its flexible and versatile organization, DUSCON is able to provide solutions and installations to customers operating in all industrial fields, following a project throughout all its phases: engineering, manufacturing, material supply, start-up and after-sale services. 

Duscon dust pollutions control and gas treatment systems, such as wet and dry filters, cyclones, scrubbers and dryers, are based on the most advanced solutions and specifically designed from proprietary technology.

​The know-how improved in decades of experience, the certified Quality System, 3D and FEM design, the qualification of all welding procedures performed, the testing of all production phases assure our clients the complete quality and reliability of our product, always aimed at continuous technological improvement, which allows Duscon to be a leader in the ventilation and industrial pollution control field.


Aeromeccanica Stranich begins its activity in 1928 by designing, building and installing centrifugal fans, axial fans and dampers for all industrial applications and acquiring over time a recognized and consolidated leadership position in this sector.

In 2021 Aeromeccanica Stranich acquires ACOVENT, historic brand specialized in the production of medium and small industrial centrifugal and axial fans.

IIn 2022, the group further expanded its portfolio with the addition of ECM, a brand specialized in the design and production of systems for dust and ash handling, storage, DeNOx, and flue gas treatment plants.

This continual growth has culminated in the establishment of the ever-growing group AS INDUSTRIES.

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Duscon India

In 2017 Stranich has created its India division, Stranich Fans and Duscon India Pvt Ltd, an advanced industrial site that expands the activities of both Stranich and Duscon by providing production, commercial and service solutions to the ever-growing Indian and Asian markets.


Since its foundation Duscon has contributed to environment through a constant improvement of its technologies, with the aim of significantly reducing the emission of nocive gas from industrial sites.


Working in tight cooperation with customers, we strive to deliver ultimate value in terms of technology, reliability and services.


Plants and equipment are designed and tested directly by DUSCON with quality in mind: for this reason, the company has obtained the ISO 9001 certification over 20 years ago. 

Moreover, our team of technicians can examine and solve problems with customized solutions offering both the most advanced technology and efficient costs. 

Our Challenge

We Help to Build a Better World

Duscon is committed to apply environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of its business operations.  

We promote a corporate culture where compliance with applicable environmental requirements is the minimum level of acceptable performance.

We believe that the economic growth of our company and the conservation of our natural environment are complementary.

​We shall continue to make improvements to our environmental management system guided by the philosophy of taking action with the future of the planet in mind.

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