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Dust control systems and solutions

We care about environment since 1928

Improving air quality for a better planet.

This is what we do.

Excellence in project design and manufacturing

Technology and tradition

For almost a century DUSCON has been active in the field of air pollution control systems

We design, manufacture and install systems based on advanced solutions, realized on proprietary technology, keeping up our role of excellence in the pollution control field.

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Tailor-Made Solutions

​Drawing on its long experience in air pollution control design, Duscon developes efficient and advanced personalized solutions, providing comprehensive systems for different industrial fields, promoting technological innovation and product excellence.

DUSCON specializes in conceptual, basic and detailed engineering, construction, start-up, operation and maintenance, always following the most strict requirements in terms of quality, security, and environmental protection.

DUSCON is therefore able to manage any type of projects, starting from Engineering and Construction up to full Turn-Key supply, acting as a strategic partner in the design and construction processes.

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Air quality control has become a fundamental infrastructure supporting lifestyles and production ethics.

DUSCON has always contributed to important milestones in the clean energy industrial revolution, progressing to build the plants of the future.

In this context DUSCON has developed and improved several technology processes which allows higher dust reduction with the objective of achieving the desired industrial performance while having in mind the larger picture: zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment!


Duscon offers high quality services and reliable technical assistance during the assembly and start-up phases for air treatment systems, fumes and industrial fans.


From products consultations to repairs, the After Sales Service is able to follow all customer needs, providing a thorough support system.

Who We Are

About Duscon

For almost a century we have provided de-dusting and air control solutions to customers operating in all industrial fields


Year of Establishment


Projects Completed




Business Partners

Andrea Ferroni

CEO, Aeromeccanica Stranich & Duscon

Our Fields

We Have Experience in a Wide Range of Fields to Specifically Meet Your Needs

Regardless from the field of application, we have solution available for all industrial sectors.

What We do

Our Projects

A selection of our projects

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